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Chibi Cheeberson
Chibi Cheeberson

Huang fics

I'm looking for George Huang fics full of angst, pain, torture, and physical recovery. I like Elliot/George pairings but I also enjoy Alex/George as well. There aren't enough fics about Huang out there and I've pretty much read all of the ones offered on One of my favorites is the one by BuckenBerry called "Darkest Nights." I'm specifically looking for other fics like that and written as long as well. Thanks!
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Hi there! I'm Bucken-Berry. I'm glad you like my fic so much! *Blushes* I put a lot of effort into my fics, so it's nice when it pays off. :)
Unfortunately, there just aren't too many George-centered fics out there, let alone angsty/torture-related ones. Most of them are casefile, humor, fluff, smut, etc. I don't know of any angsty Alex/George fics except for a few on I can think of a few George/Elliot fics that are close to what you want, but none that fit it exactly. Two looked like they were about to get angsty, but were then abandoned (they haven't been updated for years), one is similar to what you want but isn't about torture specifically (and it's about Elliot being hurt rather than George, though there is a slight bit of hurt!George in there), and one or two more have plenty of hurt!George but no torture and they don't really show his recovery, physical or emotional. I seem to be about the only author with any interest in writing those- most authors who write torture seem to prefer to hurt Olivia, Alex, Casey, or sometimes Elliot. :/ Sorry! I can link you to the stories I mentioned if you want, and if you have any specific story ideas in mind you can always prompt me. (Just keep in mind that if it's a long fic it may take me a while to get to it, and I don't write George/female romance. [Friendship, on the other hand, I can do, no problem.])