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Law & Order Fanfiction Archive

Fics, recs, requests, and challenges

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Fics, recs, requests, and challenges
This is a community for Law & Order fanfiction and that of its many spin-offs, in an effort to create a comprehensive archive of works across the fandom. Feel free to post your own completed fics (even old ones—it’s an archive after all), rec the stories of others, make fic requests, and participate in monthly challenges.



1. All types of Law & Order fanfiction all welcome (het, slash, femslash, AU, crossovers, crack fics, etc). Please be respectful.

2. Every series is also welcome (Mothership, SVU, CI, UK, and TBJ).

3. Please put your stories under a cut. They can be posted to the community itself or you can link to your personal journal—just make sure the entry isn’t friends-only. For recs, you may link to external sites.

4. Only post completed works. If you have a WIP, you are welcome to post it once it’s done. The exception to this is for recs—if the story you’re recommending hasn’t been updated in months/years (and the author shows no sign of rectifying that), you can post it, just make sure to state that it’s a WIP in your post.

5. If a story contains recent spoilers, please note that in your post.

6. Many tags have already been created. Please use the ones for category if applicable (rec, request, or challenge entry), show, and characters at the very least. If you need a tag, please request it in your post and it will be created for you. Author tags can also be made.

7. Promoting another Law & Order related community is fine, so long as it doesn’t become spam.


A few words on challenges:

1. Challenges are held every month. Entries can be of any length, be it drabble, ficlet, or something much longer.

2. To submit an entry for consideration, make sure it has the “category: challenge entry” tag attached. In the interest of fairness, only one entry per author is allowed for each challenge.

3. At the end of the month, all entries will be put into a poll. The author with the most votes will get the right to post the next month’s challenge prompt. In the event of a tie, both winners can post prompts, and users can choose one (or both) to write about. If enough entries are submitted, second and third place finishers may also be announced.

4. Prompts can range from a single word, phrase or quote to something longer, but please: no more than a few sentences at most.

5. We realize that some shows have more active writers than others, and that users may skip over stories because they involve shows they don’t watch, characters/pairings they don’t care for, etc. Therefore, in the interest of recognizing good works of L&O fanfiction regardless of the subject matter, a Mod’s Choice winner will also be selected each month.

The general timeline for challenges:

1. Challenge is issued. Users have 25 days to submit an entry.
2. Challenge is closed. Users have 3 days to vote for their favorite submission.
3. A first place winner is selected. The winner has 2 days to post the next challenge.


Preferred format for posting fanfiction/challenge entries:

Word Count:

Be sure to tag you post as “category: challenge entry” if applicable. Also tag for characters and fandom at the least. If your story contains recent spoilers, please note that in your post.

Preferred format for making a fanfiction recommendation:


Why this should be read:

Remember to tag your post as “category: rec”, as well as tagging for characters and fandom. Please be sure to mention if a story is a WIP.

Preferred format for making a fanfiction request:

What I would like:

The only tag needed here is the “category: request” tag.


Useful resources:

How to make an lj-cut
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