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Feb. 26th, 2010


Fanfiction: Adjust. Adapt. Overcome.

Title: Adjust. Adapt. Overcome.
Author: sipman 
Flavor: CI
Staring: Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, Capt. Danny Ross (with mentions of Bobby Goren & Alex Eames)
Word Count: 2,393
Warnings: Character death
A/N 1: This is based solely on speculation. One more time to be sure you understand...solely speculation. i have *no idea* of what is in store for the characters in this show.
A/N 2: As always, great thanks to ufgator1977 for guiding me through this and for awesome beta skills.


Resurrection is a painful process )

Feb. 21st, 2010

Tropic Thunder


Rec-“An Open Letter to Fanfic Writers”

Title: An Open Letter To Fanfic Writers
Author: ciroccoj (on ff.net)
Fandom: Mothership
Characters: Everyone from the Mothership pre-Season 16
Rating: PG
Length: 3,166 words

Why this should be read: So many characters, and yet all of the fic stereotypes for them are spot-on. Funny with a grain of truth, the gang gets together to get some writing issues off their chests.

(An Open Letter To Fanfic Writers)

Feb. 17th, 2010

Despicable Me


Rec-“Different Meanings By the Same Word”

Title: Different Meanings By the Same Word
Author: daygloparker
Fandom: Mothership
Characters: Connie Rubirosa/Mike Cutter, with Jack McCoy, Cyrus Lupo, Kevin Bernard, and Anita Van Buren
Rating: R
Length: 8,055 words

Why this should be read: There are few long Mike/Connie fics, and even fewer truly great ones—and this is. This was such a pleasant surprise that I happened to stumble upon. It spans across Seasons 18 and 19, and revolves around the two slowly coming together over time. It’s funny, hot, and sweet, and the supporting players all get a chance to shine too, which is great. The author makes some very unique writing choices, and the end result is absolutely spectacular.

(Different Meanings By the Same Word)
(500) Days of Summer


REC: What Happens in

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Feb. 16th, 2010


Recs for L&O: CI

I just started watching L&O: CI and getting into the fanfiction for it (& quickly became a Goren & Eames shipper LOL). I wanted to recommend some fics that I really liked. Actually, there’s at least a couple of dozen I really like, but these particular three I’ve kept thinking about long after I’ve read them because I thought the concepts of the stories were particular good and/or realistic to the characters. Hope I'm not killing anyone's flist with this, can't seem to get the concept of the cut down. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

“Maserengeo” by Superfelix on Fanfiction.net (aka Havers) Rated M
I thought this was a very sweet Halloween themed fic. Alex has a dream that sends her back to Victorian era England. I really loved the story concept & Alex trying to solve the mystery of how she got there & how she really feels about Bobby. Thought the story was both gentle and sweet and left me feeling quite waff-y afterwards.

“Masquerade” by scarletbegonia74 on Fanfiction.net Rated M
I got a good laugh at the beginning of this story because I can imagine Eames taking her frustrations about Bobby into her own hands and being the initiator if anything were to happen between them. A very good PW(ith)P. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5486581/1/Masquerade

“There But For” by Daystar Searcher on Fanfiction.net Rated T.
Must read if you like Eames. Her dialogue and thoughts for Eames are brilliant. AU story with Goren & Eames. WIP. Would advise you to not read the snarky intro banter she has for them at the start of each chapter while drinking unless you like cleaning off the keyboard, monitor, or anything else within spitting distance.
Breakfast Club


“Time” Challenge Prompt

So I was planning on starting the first challenge on March 1st, but at baylop’s suggestion, I’ll issue it now. Of course, this should be the only time I ever have to give a prompt, as hopefully the first place winner of each challenge will set it henceforth.

This month’s prompt is “time”, and you can take that to mean anything you wish. The time on the clock, the passage of time, a moment in time, all the times something didn’t happen (and the one time it did)—let your muse take you where it will. Please remember that you may only submit one entry, and be sure to tag your submission as “category: challenge entry”. Entries are due by March 22nd. The poll will open on March 23rd, and will remain open until the 25th. On March 26th, the winner will be announced.

Remember that if there are enough entries, there can be a first, second and third place winner, as well as a Mod’s Choice. So don't be shy, and good luck to everyone!

Feb. 14th, 2010

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Rec-"Creationism and its Drawbacks"

Title: Creationism and its Drawbacks
Author: tobiascharity (story on ff.net)
Fandom: Mothership and SVU
Characters: Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, Fin Tutuola, John Munch, Jack McCoy, Abbie Carmichael, Ed Green, and Lennie Briscoe
Rating: PG
Length: 1,732 words

Why this should be read: Because good parodies are so hard to come by in the L&O fandom. Here, the gang gets together to create a Mary Stu. It’s silly, but a classic analysis of the “Mary Sue” phenomenon.

(Creationism and its Drawbacks)

Feb. 13th, 2010

Despicable Me


Rec-"Theories of Development"

Title: Theories of Development
Author: GingerbreadPoppet (on ff.net)
Fandom: Mothership
Characters: Connie Rubirosa/Mike Cutter, with Jack McCoy, Anita Van Buren, Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard
Rating: PG-13
Length: 42,757 words (unfinished)

Why this should be read: This is my favorite Mike/Connie story ever, so of course I have to recommend it. If you’re a fan of the pairing and you haven’t read this—GO NOW. No really, I’ll wait. And if you’re not a shipper (or have never read much involving them) but are curious, it doesn’t get better than this. The author devotes each chapter to an episode of Season 19, working around the cases and the situations the two go through. It’s a slow burn that really pays off—the chapters just fly by. The only drawback is that it’s a WIP, and hasn’t been updated since early October of ’09. So there’s probably no chance of it being continued. For those worried about being “left hanging”, it does give an unfinished feel, but nothing more than say, the end of a L&O episode cutting to black. So give yourself the time, and prepare to be dazzled.

(Theories of Development)
These are their stories.


Rec-“Lennie Wants to Be a Millionaire”

Title: Lennie Wants to Be a Millionaire
Author: majhoulihan (on ff.net)
Fandom: Mothership
Characters: Lennie Briscoe, Rey Curtis, and mentions of Jack McCoy
Rating: PG
Length: 1,654 words

Why this should be read: It’s a rare thing for a fic to make me laugh, and this one does. Totally a “slice of life” piece, the title says it all: Lennie competes on the once-popular show (that indicates just how old this fic is). It’s a dialogue piece, which works well for the humor, and the writing is both wonderful and true to the character—it’s not easy writing Lennie, but this author nails it.

(Lennie Wants to Be a Millionaire)
Breakfast Club



Hello, and welcome to laworder_fic! I’m your mod (okay, maintainer if you want to be all technical) cocacolalily. I’m very new to the L&O fandom, and I’m not much of a fic writer...but I love to read it!

I created this community because I saw that some of the main L&O fic sites lacked tags, and frankly I’m too lazy to go through the archives. So this is a L&O fanfiction community (with glorious tags) that will feature four things: fanfiction, fic recs, fic requests, and monthly challenges. I’d like this to be a comprehensive archive of fandom works, where new and old fans alike can come to find fanfic about their favorite characters, shows, and pairings with minimal hassle.

I’m really excited for the challenges, especially since they will be (friendly) competitions. I think a month gives enough time for participants to really work on their entries at their own convenience. I’ll post the initial prompt soon—don’t be shy about entering. As long as there are a few entries, there’ll be multiple winners (but only first place gets to choose the next prompt). And speaking of challenges, I’d like to request the talents of any graphic makers out there. I’d love for the winners to get banners, so if that kind of thing is up your alley, please leave a comment.

Lastly, I’m very open to suggestions, so if you have them, sound off! Or you know, just say hi.

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